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One of the most comprehensive coverage providing deep dive insights into Global Chemicals Industry
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Actionable insights through dynamic Dashboard-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform at segment/sub-segment level
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Unique, well-defined and appropriated methodologies that ensure high quality of data and higher accuracies

CCMIntel Dashboard is a single-source-of-truth for all key insights on one-screen with easy to consume, personalized and intuitive “dashlets” intended to keep our users ahead of the curve.

The challenges of managing business research are substantial and growing, and yet in our experience there are very few third party service providers who truly understand the field of business research and consultancy of petrochemicals and specialty chemicals industry.

CCMIntel is intended to fill this gap by providing a professional business research and consultancy services that is derived by a deep understanding of the global petrochemicals and specialty chemicals industry.

We continuously update the information and provide up-to-date monthly and quarterly trackers to ensure one has seamless access to insights and never lose sight of market opportunities; be it pricing, consumption, cost of production, capacity, demand and forecast trends, application areas and new use cases or competitive information.

Our unique value comes from our comprehensive coverage of Chemicals Industry with deep-dive analysis at segment and sub-segment levels.

CCMIntel team is distributed globally to gather and provided information across regions. The data has been assimilated, tracked and analyzed over the past 10 years and our cognitive techniques allow us to keep up with most recent updates and Industry transformation.


Petrochemicals, Downstream Derivatives, Specialty Chemicals
One stop shop for all your market intelligence needs
In-depth and accurate product & sub-segment level analysis
Monthly updates (Analysts & Industry Expert inputs)
Cost effective & easily accessible dashboards & dashlets
Downloadable into MS PowerPoint, Excel, Word and PDF formats