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CCMIntel consultants bring deep domain expertise and are spread across geographic locations to provide Global and Regional insights within the Chemicals Industry.

We cater to a wide-variety of specialized project needs from our customers, including:

Go to Market Strategy

Our Unique methodology for identification of Low Hanging Fruits for New Product Development



Critical success factors & unmet needs

Identification of critical success factors in terms of market requirement, technical gaps etc. We also provide unbiased analysis for the unmet needs of customers across petrochemicals and specialty chemicals industry.



Switching ease analysis

Switching ease is the index of key pain points of the customers. This index is made from different parameters based upon the customer’s opinion. Higher the index more is the possibility of switching to a new vendor. It also helps the organization to know the pain points of existing customers and act accordingly.


Capacity Risk Analysis

We critically analyze the risk of supply from a particular supplier based on their financial and operational conditions. The key parameters covered are financial health, planned and unplanned shutdowns, exports to more profitable (high price) countries etc.


Profitability Analysis across the Value Chain

This exercise is done to identify the new products across the whole value chain that can improve the bottom-line. Backward integration may help in reducing the raw material cost while forward integration will help in investing in high value added product with better profitability.