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Price Trends & Forecast Analysis

CCMIntel Pricing Dashboard provides an accurate and independent evaluation of the prevailing market prices for various chemical products.

The data that is used in price assessments is collected directly from the market, and we encourage our sources to report any supplementary information possible to determine accurate price ranges, normalized for price-related variables.

In order to protect the integrity of our assessments, we conduct regular reviews of the sources providing market information. These sources are also kept private in order to allow open and honest information exchange.

Key advantages of this dashboard

The main objective of the dashboard is to improvement in top-line and bottom-line. Below are the departments which get support from this dashboard:

How do we collect the price information!

Price data is collected by polling a cross-section of active market participants. Our team of analysts verify and substantiate this information through a range of primary and secondary sources.

Our primary process involves a dedicated team of experienced market analysts communicating regularly with the industry via phone, email, messenger services and direct meetings in person.

All information received is logged on our internal secured system by the analyst upon receipt of the data along with any accompanying information that can assist in verifying or normalizing the prices.

This data is cross-referenced and analyzed in relation to other relevant data points received from the market.

As a secondary method of verifying this information the data is checked against public sources such as trade or bill of lading statistics, company reports and government data.

Due to the timing of this type of reporting it largely serves as a method of identifying anomalies in data that has already been published.

Any unclear or incomplete information received is reviewed and assessed in the price assessment meetings to ensure independence and neutrality is applied to the value of this information in the price calculation.

Our analysts continually seek to increase the number of price points (contacts) surveyed. Although, the number of contacts for any one price point can vary, the insight and experience of our analysts ensure that all data published can be authenticated and supported by market intelligence.

If at any time the number of contacts for any one price falls to a point where data cannot be sufficiently verified, the data is reviewed by the supervising editor.

Price Forecast Methodology

Shipping terms

We use the three industry standard incoterms to represent the location/destination of the material.

Free on board (FOB) − used to represent the price out of an originating region/country Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) − used to represent the delivered price going in to a particular region/ country

Ex Works (EXW) − used to represent a domestically traded price with minimal shipping or transportation costs

Price dashboard features

Subscription based model updated monthly. Monthly updates will be provided for 1 year from the date of subscription.

Our prices are assessed on a monthly basis to allow for a sufficient number of transactions to be made to identify a consistent market trend and range for prices.

Our analysts conduct our monthly price review on the final working day of the month and the price data is published on our website and distributed to subscribers on the same day.

When the publishing date falls on a weekend or holiday, prices published on the last working day prior to the weekend/holiday.

We will provide the information in power-point, excel or pdf. Detailed analysis format is given as separate attachment

Sample Dashboard

Raw Materials Price (USD/MT)

Designed to provide specific targeted insights through an intuitive easy to use dashboard that keeps information at your figure tips.

Product Price (USD/MT)

Designed to provide specific targeted insights through an intuitive easy to use dashboard that keeps information at your figure tips.