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PROCIntel, powered by CCMIntel has two major solutions with respect to specialty chemicals procurement of the organisations:

Some of the key challenges we address are,

  • Bottom-line improvement − cost reduction initiatives
    • to have the right price information at the right time
    • supplier production cost visibility, especially in case of specialty chemicals raw materials
    • supplier margin visibility resulting
  • Supplier reliability
    • reduce dependency on 1 or 2 suppliers
    • better supplier reliability information − risk of plant shutdowns, installed capacity and capacity expansion plans etc.

1. Bottom-line improvement

Our dashboard solution to improve your bottom-line:

PROCIntel´s production cost (clean sheet) modelling team clearly identifies the production cost and other expenses within +/- 5% of the accuracy and provide price information and trends which help identify margins of raw materials for improved negotiation power.

PROCIntel Specialized in making clean sheet for

  • Integrated plants
  • Semi-integrated plants
  • Standalone plants
  • Swinging / multipurpose plants (plants where multiple products are produced in a single line as per demand)

PROCIntel continuously tracks and collates price information from manufacturers, trade data and other sources.

2. Identify the capacity risk with respect to suppliers in a country / region.

This covers the in-depth analysis of business model of suppliers with respect to procurement. PROCIntel continuously tracks the capacity data and expansion plans to identify any new supplier providing alternative procurement options.

In-house supplier database of more than 19,000 Chemical products with more than 13,000 producers tracked to provide higher accuracies and reliable supplier information.

Over 300 raw materials especially specialty chemicals raw materials are tracked by CCMIntel´s PROCIntel solution.

Each of the suppliers are benchmarked based upon the following parameters:

Relative Size

  • Business complexity
  • Market share target product
  • Installed capacity target product

Product Focus

  • Broad − greater scope to capitalize on adjacent opportunities
  • Narrow − development of ‘best of breed’ capabilities

Global / Local

  • Global is relevant where customers are global, critical mass required for manufacturing, R&D
  • Local is relevant where customers are regional, demand is regionally distinct, transport constraints

Portfolio Basis

  • Portfolio based on common technology, competence or value chain
  • Portfolio based on supplying range of customer group purchasing needs
  • Portfolio based on merits of individual businesses
  • Portfolio based on the level of vertical integration of the business

Level of Integration

  • Degree of forward and backward integration

Industry Focus

  • Commodity or value-added products


  • Product innovation
  • Innovation new process technologies

Process Excellence

  • Achieving lowest cost through operational excellence

Problem Solving & Customer Support

  • Customer support such as technical know how, providing alternate options etc.

The above information enables procurement teams save millions of dollars.

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